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[In-stock] Flip 6p Keyboard

[In-stock] Flip 6p Keyboard

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Flip 6P keyboard kit is 60% with pad layout,by flipping the top case and swapping the main structure area and numpad structure area can easily change between normal and southpaw layout(provide mirrowed and non mirrowed pad).With pogo pin pcb design, it makes more easier to change.

Not only this,the main area can be HHKB or WKL layout by installing the detachable badge on the top case.The entire design is based on maintaining convenience and practicality,provide more playability.


  • Layout: 60%+pad, Southpaw Compatible(provide mirrowed and non mirrowed pad)
  • Typing Angle: 7 degrees
  • Dimensions: 401.9mm x 116.2mm x 32.4mm
  • Mount: PCB Gasket Mount, Sandwich Mount
  • Gasket Mount Plate: 1.5mm, Three Split Parts
  • Sandwich Mount Plate: Aluminum, 1.5mm, Anodized Gold/Black
  • Weight:Brass (transparent electrophoresis)/or stainless steel PVD
  • Case Material: 6063 Aluminum
  • PCB: : 1.6mm Thickness,Wired Hotswap, Tri-mode Hotswap (4400mAh Battery, 2.4g/bluetooth/wired)
  • Polling Rate: Wired 1000Hz,Tri-mode(1000HZ in 2.4G and wired,125HZ in bluetooth)
  • Software Support:Wired on VIAL,Tri-mode on VIA

Package include

1*Top case

1*Bottom case

1*Middle frame(Ano black/white keyboard with alu gold color middlle frame, other color keyboards with alu black color middlle frame)

1*Weight(Ano black/white keyboard with brass weight, other color keyboards with stainless steel PVD weight)

1*PCB(one main pcb,one mirrowed numpad pcb,one nonm-mirrowed numpad pcb/Tri-mode pcb comes with 4400mah battery)

1*Type-c daughterboard

1* PC plate for gasket mount

1*Foam kit(2mm poron+2mm hotswap poron+0.5mm IXPE+3.5mm poron+battery foam)

1*Accessories bag

1*User guide


1.You need to buy extra sandwich mount plate if you want to build sandwich mount.

2.It does not include stabilizers,switches or keycaps. You need to buy 6pcs 2u, 1pcs 6.25U screw in stabilizers 1.6mm.

Build and user guide

Prototype review

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Can you image a keyboard that support various layout?

Normal,Wired and Wireless Southpaw,HHKB,WKL

  • Flip 6P keyboard kit

    Size:401.9mm x 116.2mm x 32.4mm

    Typing Angle: 7 degrees

  • Structure

    PCB gasket mount and sandwich mount

    When you use PCB gasket,it is separate middle frame and split plate installation.When you use sandwich mount, the whole sandwich plate is both the middle frame and plate.

  • Easy to change layout

    The PCB adopts pogo pin design,the contacts are connected between the PCB and the upper case.So there is no ribbon cable connected,it is convenient to switch between normal layout southpaw layout, only to need to swap the main area and numpad area,flip the top case.

  • PCB

    Southpaw Compatible(provide mirrowed and non mirrowed pad).Wired hotswap pcb and tri-mode hotswap pcb(with 4400mAh Battery, 2.4g/bluetooth/wired)) are available,1.6mm no felx cut.