DARINGRUN 70F Refresh Guide

1. How to restore defaults settings?

 Choose the layout setting in VIAL,so the layout can switch to normal or southpaw.

Press M0(1)+LCTRL+ESC key at same time, then can set to restore default keymaps.

2.How to refresh PCB?

There are three ways to enter DFU mode, after enter DFU mode successfully, there will show a "Wind_Studio(H)" driver on your computer list, then drag this uf2 file into "Wind_Studio(H)" this driver. Then it will refresh successfully.

You can choose one of them. If one doesn't work well, then choose another.

①Press M0(1)+LCTRL+PageUp key to enter DFU mode.

②Press ESC key not release, and then unplug USB-C cable, and then plug USB-C cable, then release ESC key, it will enter DFU mode.

 ③Take out the capslock keycap,you can see two points as this picture and use tweezers as this picture, then it will enter DFU mode.