DARINGRUN 70F Build Manual


1. Install TYPE C daughterboard into weight with M2.5X4 hex round head socket screws.(Already preassembled)

2. Install weight into bottom case and pull out the ribbon cable.Install battery cover case with M2.5X5 hex countersunk head socket screws.(Already preassembled)

3.  Install stabilizer on PCB

4.  Put 0.5mm IXPE sheet on PCB (depend on your favourite)

5.  Put 3.5mm foam(depend on your favourite)

6. Gasket mount or sandwich mount build

  • Gasket mount

       Put three parts gasket mount plate on 3.5mm foam.

       Install the silicone gasket to the plate


       Install silicone parts into middle case.

  • Sandwich mount

       Put sandwich mount plate on 3.5mm foam and install silicone parts into plate.

7.  Connect the ribbon cable between PCB (You can install switches before this step)

8.  Install LED blocker into plate.

9.  Put 1mm case foam into bottom case(depend on your favourite).

10. Connect PCB with TYPE C daughterboard

11. Install pc led strip into top case with M2X5 hex countersunk head socket screws

12. Fixed top case and bottom case with M2.5X10 screws.


(sandwich mount)